Why Small Scale Business Owners Love Lennox and Addington County


Why Lennox & Addington is a Great Choice

Economic Development Offices work within communities to help entrepreneurs find there sources and tools they need to be successful. Staff from the Lennox & Addington County Economic Development office can liaise with all 3 levels of government and help initiate partnerships with colleges, universities and other businesses in the region.

Focused efforts of the Economic Development Office to promote their region and the businesses within it, result in the following community benefits for local residents.

  • Job Creation
  • Strong Local Economy
  • Increased Community Wealth
  • Modern Infrastructure and Amenities
  • Improved Standard of Living

Small Scale Business Support

ellenas1.jpgEconomic Development staff promote business retention by providing services and connections that contribute to the success of the county’s many small scale businesses.

“There’s a lot of excitement, energy and creativity here. I know that we have the support of the town council and the staff at L&A County too, which I think has been critical to the success of the area.”
– Ellena Fleury, Ellena’s Café



7 More Ways Lennox & Addington County Helps Businesses

  1. Marketing Strategies
  2. Business Plan Feedback
  3. IT Support
  4. HR Support
  5. Site Selection
  6. Community Networking
  7. Financing Opportunities

Rural Lifestyle for Small Scale Business Owners

Not only is it cheaper to do business here than in a large, urban centre, but Lennox & Addington County is one of the most beautiful locations in Eastern Ontario. And small scale business owners love the rural lifestyle. Downtime is perfect for exploring the great outdoors to improve health and quality of life.

Access to world-class education and health care compliment the active lifestyle. With affordable housing, and amenities comparable to much larger centres, Lennox & Addington is a great place to raise a family, while running a small scale business.

HoganCarpentry_Team.JPGSmall scale businesses are a natural fit in rural locations. Many unique options are available to repurpose historic buildings or design to suit. From home-based solo ventures to small companies that require a storefront or office building, any size of business can find their perfect space.

“We are really happy with our location. I have a feeling we will always be rural. I am more relaxed than I was at my previous job. You would think we would have more pressure, running our own business, making sure all employees have what they need, and pleasing all the customers, but when you are doing something you love it’s not work.”
– Lorie Hogan, Hogan Carpentry

Your Idea Will Work Here

See Where You Fit in or Discover a Niche of Your Own
From home-based local artisans to global manufacturers, lots of different type of business do well in Lennox and Addington.

Here are some of the successful sectors:

  • Clean Technology: The area is a leader in development of clean, green technology.
  • Specialty Foods: We’re located in the middle of one of Ontario’s major food clusters.
  • Manufacturing: There’s a wide variety of profucts made right here.
  • Logistics & Distribution: There’s road, air and sea access to major North American industrial and consumer markets.
  • Agribusiness: Farm-based businesses continue to thrive in changing marketplace.
  • Tourism Business: A popular tourist region means you can provide services to thousands of consumers year round.
  • Retail: Residents and tourists both benefit from quality retail businesses.
  • Creative Industries: Employment in the creative economy is growing at double digit rates here.
  • Sport Tourism: World-class facilities, a dedicated volunteer-base, a supportive business community.

Benefit From Having the Experience of a Trusted Advisor at Your Fingertips

Free business and tech coaching is available to businesses of all sizes, but is especially helpful to small scale businesses, who may not have a large support network. Collaboration and support through the exchange of ideas and feedback is integral to businesses at start-up, expansion, succession and all points in between. Lennox & Addington County is the only county in Ontario to provide this high level of business support.

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