Thorpe Farms – Pasture Raised Goodness


Thorpe Farms strongly believes in the ethical treatment of animals and raising their meat naturally. The result?  A high quality product with mouthwatering flavours that are second to none.

All of the animals are hand-raised and loved from day one. Small batch production in a stress free environment ensures the superior  quality that Thorpe Farms has become known for. They offer a variety of fresh products including lamb, chicken, turkey and even eggs and honey!


5 Reasons to Choose Thorpe Farms:

  1. Premium Meats
  2. Pasture Raised Goodness
  3. Chemical Free
  4. Ethical Treatment and Handling
  5. Fresh Eggs and Honey


“With the goal of producing quality, clean and sustainable products that consumers can not only enjoy the amazing flavour of, but can feel good about eating, we continue to be environmentally conscious and respectful stewards of nature and our land. Everyone chooses what they want to eat, we just want the opportunity to give people the choice.”  – Cory & Shanna

Visit to learn more about their pasture raised goodness or to place your order today at their online farm store!

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