Small Food Processing Success: How It Depends On The Resources Of Your Location


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Starting a small food processing venture is a big commitment. You’re investing time and energy, not to mention money. Taking the time to research potential locations before making a commitment will give you the confidence you need to move forward with your business plan, reassured that the location you choose has the resources for both the business support you need and the rural lifestyle you want.

3 Types of Local Resources Needed to Start a Small Food Processing Venture

1244.jpg1. Quality Local Produce & Ingredients
Over 200 agricultural commodities are grown in Ontario. As a result of the excellent growing conditions, Lennox & Addington County farmers and gardeners provide a great variety of healthy produce, in one of Ontario’s major food clusters. Visits to local farmers’ markets and roadside produce stands are a fun part of the rural lifestyle and offer great opportunities to connect directly with growers in Lennox & Addington County.

Did you know that in Lennox & Addington County, local wineries and breweries provide regional beverages to compliment your small food processing products?

2. Partner with Specialty Food Stores & Grocery Stores
Local specialty food and grocery stores owners are passionate about supporting other local businesses and are very open to working with new companies. Additional Artisan food partnership opportunities are available with local restaurants, cafés and coffee shops. (The Lennox & Addington County Business Development Office can facilitate partnerships.)

For example: Several top restaurants and eateries in the Belleville, Kingston and L&A County areas use Wilton Cheese in their recipes, while approximately 100 retailers – from large grocery stores to mom and pop convenience stores carry their products.

3. Community & Business Support
Want to connect with locally-created ingredients, timely partnerships and next-level business support in a cost-effective way? The Lennox & Addington County Business Development Office can provide business & tech coaching for your small food processing venture.

Imagine Having this Infrastructure for Your Small Food Processing Venture…

  • Supply chain partnerships
  • Efficient transportation
  • World-class R&D innovation
  • Financial incentives and low tax rates
  • Local workforce trained in agriculture, food, and culinary arts

Let Lennox & Addington County expand your network with introductions to partners and resources in our region to help make your small food processing venture more successful.

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