Space to Start Living

Lakes, rural communities…friendly neighbours. Explore a more balanced way of living.


Naturally L&A

Not your usual kind of place.

We’re more organic than manufactured. More real than rustic, & more fulfilled than busy. Reconnect, unwind and be inspired.

All the benefits of a rural lifestyle without compromising the occasional big-city cravings.

100+ lakes, trails that go on for days, cycling routes, beaches and parks. Our amenities are more Mother Nature inspired than man-made and they never go out of style or cease to amaze. Take a hike around the area and be inspired.

Our 9 to 5 is more unwind than grind with our stores being more mom & pop than big box. On occasion we have our own version of a traffic jam but that usually involve unruly sheep wandering on the road. Add in the wide-open spaces and just … breathe.

Maybe it’s all that clean air but you’ll notice that in L&A the people are just a bit more relaxed and friendlier. And, if you’re thinking about moving here, call us, not only are we here to answer your questions, but we’d be happy to show you around. That’s just our way.

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The Trailer Company

"There was an opportunity for business here. Lennox & Addington is perfect for us."

Milligan Meats

"To have a business where people come in and they are grateful you are here, it makes you feel so incredible."

Napanee Blooms

"There's just this feeling in Lennox & Addington that makes you like being here,"

A better life, is a balanced life

Here are just a few of the great things you can do in L&A.

When there is space to breath, you know you’ve come home.

Active life, better life, balanced life

Come, visit, you’ll fit right in.

Small communities, affordable living and available land to build your dream home, plus an eclectic selection of businesses and recreational opportunities makes L&A a great place to raise a family, pursue your passion or retreat to after retiring. Plus, we’re close enough to large urban centres for that big city fix but removed enough so that you get that modern-rural vibe that’s so appealing.

Housing can really be
this affordable
$ 200000
schools nearby
Hospital located
in Napanee

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