Menzel Centennial one of L&A County’s best kept secrets


Wooded Wetland

There’s definitely a lot to see and do here in Lennox & Addington County, particularly if you enjoy getting out and exploring our natural surroundings.

One of my favourite hiking destinations could be L&A County’s best-kept secret for nature lovers. Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reservis located on Roblin Road, about 4.5 kilometres west of County Road 41 near the hamlet of Roblin.

Ontario Parks maintains this 800 hectare Nature Reserve Class Provincial Park that was established in 1993 and dedicated to the life of Oivi Menzel. The reserve includes “Oivi’s Trail”, a relatively flat 3.6 km round trip route that leads you to a beautiful view of Mud Lake.

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While there is no parking lot at the trail head, the entrance to the property is easily spotted and there is plenty of room to park roadside. Once inside you will find excellent interpretive signage where you can pick up a brochure that describes the history and purpose of the reserve.

The trail is well-marked by numbered post signs that highlight distinct areas of interest, including cedar forests, wetlands, flowering fields and shrub fens. It’s a great place to take the family for a leisurely hike and learn about the many habitats found along the way.

Below are a few photos from a recent summertime visit that will give you a good sense of what you can expect during your visit.


1. The forest returns to upland surrounding the wetland.

5 Menzel Summer The Forest Returns web.jpg


2. The forest belt at the wetland edge.

6 Menzel Summer The Wetland Edge Sign 2 web.jpg


3. The wooded wetland, a deep swampy area.

10 Menzel Summer Wooded Wetland 1 web.jpg


4. The central upland area, surrounded by wetland.

12 Menzel Summer Central Uplands Sign 4 web.jpg


5. The flowering fields in the upland area.

14 Menzel Summer Flowering Fields 1 web.jpg


6. A sand and gravel area of the upland.

16 Menzel Summer Sand and Gravel Sign 6 web.jpg


7. The shrub fen with its many ferns, sedges and orchids.

18 Menzel Summer Shrub Fen 1 web.jpg


8. A lovely birch grove at the lakeside.

19 Menzel Summer Mud Lake 1 web.jpg

A Map of the Trail



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