Addington Highlands

A natural playground for those who love the great outdoors

Nature’s beauty is here to greet you

Here, each day is an adventure and the wilderness is your daily companion.

Discover unspoiled rustic beauty and tranquil lakeside charm. Nature reigns supreme, offering a sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. With its crystal-clear lakes, dense forests and rolling hills, Addington Highlands is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, providing boundless opportunities for hiking, fishing and connecting with the great outdoors. Whether you’re drawn to the shimmering waters of Mazinaw Lake or the serene forests of Bon Echo Provincial Park, this idyllic township invites you to experience the magic of nature in its purest form.


People live in Addington Highlands

Addington Highlands Communities

In Addington Highlands, each community stands out for its welcoming atmosphere and enchanting scenery. The township presents a variety of properties, blending rural charm with convenient access to city life.

The Irish heritage of many of the early settlers in Cloyne is reflected in its name, which is taken from a Village in County Cork, Ireland.

Whether you live here year-round or you’ve decided to cottage here, Cloyne is a delightful village. With a number of small shops that provide everything from the essentials to antiques and hunting and fishing gear. At the northern end of the village, you’ll find an oversized wooden white lawn chair. This a perfect photo op for you and 11 of your friends at the same time.

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Water lovers will enjoy the small village of Denbigh, with Denbigh, Ashby and other small lakes all close by.

Denbigh is home to approximately 175 year-round residents, along with many seasonal cottages and homes. This tightly knit community host community events that are often better attended then those in communities that are much larger.

  • 90 minutes from Napanee
  • Known as the jewel at the top of L&A
  • Somewhat isolated for those who want a truly rural experience

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This hamlet can be found on the beautiful Skootamatta River whose falls were once used to power many mills. The Flinton Creek runs nearby and joins the Skottamatta River downstream of the community.

  • Population of about 500 people
  • Swim at the famous waterfalls
  • A popular spot for kayakers and cyclists

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This area’s roots date back to 1857 when it was first settled but really bloomed when the Canadian Pacific Railway came through in 1884.

Today, there are a number of businesses here, many with a long history. One of the most popular spots for locals is the Kaladar Community Centre which is the glue that holds this tight knit community together. The Community Centre houses a number of different things including a youth centre.

  • Bence Motors, founded in 1946 still continues to operate as a family-run Ford dealership.
  • The Great Trail passes through the community.
  • To the north is the quaint town of Northbrook
  • Bon Echo Provincial Park is nearby

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Small town, big charm.

Sometimes you find the best things in unexpected places. Northbrook is such a community. The nicest folks, the best of rural Ontario and some pretty cool things to see and do.

  • Stop into the Kuriosity Shop to see the work of over 25 artists who have their work on display and for sale
  • Look up, this is a great spot to observe the night sky
  • Great things grow here, from pumpkins to flowers to produce

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Real Estate
In Addington Highlands, the real estate market boasts vast rural properties, offering a peaceful countryside lifestyle at a more budget-conscious price point than larger urban centres.

Elementary & Secondary Schools

Addington Highlands, served by the Limestone District School Board, offers a wide range of educational choices for students of all ages, guaranteeing a high-quality learning environment tailored to each student’s needs.

Local Healthcare

Addington Highlands healthcare provides efficient and high-quality medical services, offering personalized care with reduced waiting times. For those without a family doctor, it’s advisable to register with Health Care Connect to access these services.


Addington Highlands Township benefits from a well-connected local road network, ensuring effortless travel by car or taxi. Plus, Addington Highlands’ strategic location means that major airports in nearby urban hubs, such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, are readily accessible for your broader travel requirements.

Recreation, Sports and Parks

Addington Highlands is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with the iconic Bon Echo Provincial Park providing a stunning backdrop for a variety of recreational activities. From hiking and biking along picturesque trails to creating cherished memories in its well-preserved natural spaces, this community offers boundless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Culture and Entertainment

Explore a vibrant cultural tapestry in Addington Highlands, characterized by engaging community events, cherished heritage sites, and a thriving artistic scene that beautifully captures its rural essence and historical roots. While the township’s entertainment offerings may be cozy in scale, they showcase a delightful array of local festivals and communal gatherings, uniting both residents and guests in the celebration of this enchanting region’s distinctive character.


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