Building a Life in Lennox & Addington

A more balanced peaceful way of life just a few hours from the GTA, Ottawa and Montreal

Lennox & Addington

Lennox and Addington offers a unique lifestyle defined by its breathtaking natural beauty, close-knit communities and thriving business opportunities. Whether you’re seeking the tranquility of picturesque landscapes or the excitement of entrepreneurial endeavours, our region provides an ideal balance for building a fulfilling life.

People Fall in Love With the Lifestyle

An Active Sports Community

L&A has a very active and competitive sports community. Enjoy a game of softball, hockey, pickleball, curling, tennis and more.

More than 100 Lakes

Dive into our area’s natural wonders. Don’t miss Lake Mazinaw, the third-deepest lake in Ontario besides the Great Lakes.

Lower Cost of Living

Unlock affordability in Lennox and Addington, where the cost of living is lower than the provincial average.

Educational Opportunities

Access top-notch educational institutions and programs, including Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College and Loyalist College.

Close-Knit Community

Experience the warmth of a close-knit community where people genuinely care for one another, fostering a strong sense of belonging and support.

Quality Healthcare

Enjoy access to excellent healthcare facilities and services, ensuring the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Employment Opportunities

Discover your next career opportunity in Lennox and Addington, where a variety of industries offer you the chance to find fulfilling work right in your own community.

A Closer Look at L&A Communities

Discover a range of diverse communities, each offering its own unique charm and character to uncover.

Greater Napanee

A welcoming community where historic charm meets modern convenience.


 A blend of historic allure and contemporary comfort, where picturesque landscapes and a quality lifestyle await.

Stone Mills

A peaceful rural haven where wide-open spaces, scenic countryside, and a close-knit community beckon you to savour a simpler, more fulfilling way of life.

Addington & Highlands

Find your sanctuary amidst lush forests and pristine lakes. Here, outdoor adventures and serenity coexist.

Relocation Information

Get all the essential information for an easy transition to L&A in one place.

Lennox & Addington at a Glance

This is a place people love to call home.

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of residents are happy with their lives here

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of residents have a regular healthcare provider (well above average)

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Our housing costs on average are 45% less than the rest of Ontario


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