An Ice Cream Tour of Lennox & Addington


By Saige Traise, Naturally L&A — Let’s be honest, the hot weather is the perfect excuse to make that extra stop and grab a cone to cool you down.

Sometimes you just need a little boost to get you to the final destination of your road trip (or the to the end of your average Wednesday, depending on how Monday and Tuesday went). No judgement here, after all, it’s almost wrong to not indulge in a dairy treat here and there during the summer months.

Join me on a tour around Lennox and Addington and visit some of my favourite ice cream shops. By the end of this blog you’ll have the inside ‘scoop’ on where to go when your ice cream cravings hit, now matter what L&A community you find yourself in.

Warning: Don’t read the list too fast, you may get a brain freeze…


Loyalist Township…

360 Castaway’s

360 Main Street, Bath

360 Castaway’s is the ultimate ice cream paradise located in the charming village of Bath. This tropical themed world of frozen delights has so many unique flavours, it’ll be tough to not try them all! Whether you’re a local seeking a delightful escape or a traveller passing through Bath, 360 Castaways promises to whisk you away on an unforgettable ice cream adventure.


The Back Kitchen

5660 Front Road, Amherst Island

Take a ride across the ferry and enjoy the boat load of mouth watering food found at The Back Kitchen on Amherst Island. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat or to take a delicious ice cream cone on the road, this restaurant is sure to satisfy even the most demanding of stomachs from locals and travellers alike. Come by while this seasonal hotspot is offering the best flavours in town!


Greater Napanee…

Camden Variety

425 Camden Road, Napanee

Napanee’s Camden Variety has long been a go to location for both locals and passers by to stop for a quick pick me up. Though the shelves are filled with essentials, refreshments, and even movies, it’s the ice cream that pinged our summer radar. Summer is a time of peace, and you’re guaranteed to chill out after a scoop of Camden Varieties dairy delicacies.


Convenient Candy Shop

10 Dundas Street East, Napanee

Found in the heart of Downtown Napanee, the forever vibrant and playful Convenient Candy Shop is now serving ice cream! Get one, two, or even three scoops of Kawartha ice cream’s famous flavours while you browse all of the other unique sweet treats around the shop.


Richmond Grocery

311 Bridge Street West, Napanee

If a massive helping of ice cream is what you’re looking for, Richmond Grocery will never disappoint. Located on Bridge Street West in Napanee, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a scoop big enough to cool you down, even when the weather reaches the designation of “sweltering”. While here, why not take a look around at their large selection of icy cold drinks and finger licking snacks.


Wynn Farms Flower Fields

9592 Loyalist Parkway, Adolphustown

Did you know that Wynn Farms in Adolphustown is home to Ontario’s longest blooming flower fields?! Their beautiful fields are filled with a mix of sunflowers, zinnia, cosmo, bells of Ireland, rudebeckia, calendula, celosia, yarrow, mint and so much more are on full display from mid July and into September. During your visit, be sure to make a stop at their ice cream window as a reward for picking the perfect bouquet.


Loyalist Trading Company

8682 Loyalist Parkway, Conway

Stop by for a heaping helping of Kawartha Dairy ice cream at Loyalist Trading Company while you watch the goats on the roof (yes, you read that correctly). Nubian Goats live on the rooftop of this charming country store. Inside browse a variety of Canadian-made products, delicious preserves and convenience items.

Stone Mills…

Abrams Bakery

422 Main Street, Newburgh

You’ll love the welcoming community of Newburgh. During your visit, a must try is Abrams Bakery, which offers not only a large supply of scrumptious baked goods, but also ice cream to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day! Don’t forget to try their famous ice cream floats!


Beaver Lake Convenience & More

5804 County Road 41, Erinsville

Beaver Lake Convenience & More in Erinsville has a little bit of everything. Grocery items, movies, and… Reid’s Dairy ice cream. They have a great selection of flavours that are a perfect way to top a great day out on the water. They’re located just north of the Lakeview Tavern at Beaver Lake.

S’Cooper’s Spot

1 Concession Street North, Tamworth

Presenting to you Tamworth’s brand new ice cream parlour… S’coopers Spot! This haven of frozen treats offers ice cream from Central Smith Creamery. They provide customers with milkshakes, bubble tea, and so much more. You’re sure to find a new favourite here with all of the creative flavours to choose from! Stay tuned to learn more about S’coopers ever growing menu.

Black Cat Cafe

5 Ottawa Street, Tamworth

Just around the side of the newly opened Tamworth Hotel is the endearing Black Cat Cafe. While they are famous for their pizza, this is also a fantastic spot to stop for a scoop or two. Come take in the gorgeous ambiance and grab a special weekend treat while exploring this lovable town.

McCormick’s Country Store

2561 County Road 4, Camden East

McCormick’s Country Store is Camden East’s one stop shop for almost anything you could need. From pizza and snacks to flowers and our special mention… ice cream! Customer service and high quality is the name of the game for this community hub that is sure to help you break the heat this summer.


Addington Highlands…

Finnegan’s General Store

14222 Highway 41, Cloyne

You’ll always find what you need at Finnegan’s General Store. Found in Cloyne near Ontario’s famous Bon Echo Provincial Park, this is the store that has it all. Looking for some daily essentials? Maybe you’re in the market for local art or Bon Echo merchandise? Pizza? Dare I say… ice cream! People come from miles and miles around to get a lick of the frozen treats here.


Rosie’s Cafe & General Store

22353 Highway 41, Denbigh

If you happen to find yourself near Denbigh any time soon, Rosie’s Cafe has got all of your needs covered. This locally owned and operated business brings to you creative treats (like deep fried cheesecake!!) and, of course, everybody’s favourite, ice cream. Oh, and their milkshakes are pretty fantastic too. This is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat when going through the Addington Highlands.


41 Scoops

12428 Highway 41, Northbrook

Right next door to 41 Fries in Northbrook is 41 Scoops! This new and amazingly popular ice cream destination carries an amazing selection of soft serve and scooped ice cream varieties from Kawartha Dairy! Whether you’re a local, heading to the cottage or the trailer, there’s always time for a quick stop for an icy treat.


Bonnie’s Best

12497 Highway 41, Northbrook

As the name suggests, Bonnie promises to give you her very best and make sure that everyone has a treat to tame even the most ferocious sweet tooth. With a long list of creative choices, you’re welcome to look for a new favourite that you won’t find anywhere else, or go for the time loved classics. Stop by this refreshing stand on your way through Northbrook for a cone you won’t regret.


Based on  ice cream’s immense popularity, it’s not a surprise to me that there are so many places to get a scoop or two here in Lennox & Addington. Take any day and make it better when you stop into one of these unique shops with an empty stomach and leave with a full cone.


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