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By Saige Traise, Naturally L&A — Sometimes when I’m walking along the streets of Greater Napanee I feel like I’m stuck in a cartoon, picked up and blindly carried away by my nose following a trail with a delicious smell. In this town, we have a lot of bakeries. A lot of VERY VERY good bakeries.

Take a look below for the perfect guide that will show you exactly where to go when your sweet tooth strikes. Follow along as we look at all of the ever so tempting sweet suppliers throughout Napanee.


BABS: The Bakery and Bistro Spot

37 Dundas Street East, Napanee

The Bakery and Bistro Spot brings to you tradition with a twist. This has long been a cherished bakery location, and now that the torch has been passed to BABs they continue to bake based on the community’s beloved recipes that have been around for nearly 75 years.

But what makes this spot extra special? A touch of Europe in the form of the amazing bistro that features sandwiches, soups, and oh so many unique savoury options. So next time you ind yourself roaming the streets of Napanee make a stop by The Bakery and Bistro Spot to choose from the seemingly endless supply of goodies lining the shelves.

Pro tip: come early to get a glimpse of the large morning selection. Everybody wants to try a bite of what BABs is offering, you wouldn’t want to miss out!


Blue Door Bakery & Café

310 Bridge Street West, Napanee

I challenge you to find anywhere more charming than Blue Door Bakery & Café. Located inside the Lenadco building, you’ll find a delicious daily menu flowing with lunch options and sweets alike. Even better, Blue Door also does amazing deals on weekly dinner nights with menus that will have you coming back for more! Try a famous bounty bar while you chow down on that day’s heavenly lunch option.

You’re welcome to take your goodies to go or enjoy the atmosphere a little longer in the spacious seating area. Be warned though, after one visit you’ll have a big problem: you’re going to have to keep coming back for more! That’s ok, that’s the best kind of problem you can have if you ask me.


Butter My Buns Bakery & Cafe

114 John Street, Napanee

When I think about Napanee’s Butter My Buns Bakery & Cafe the word fresh immediately comes to mind. Everything in this bakery and cafe is as fresh as could possibly be. Specializing in French pastries, you’ll love all of the delicacies made-from-scratch right here.

Not looking for something sweet? Well they also have fresh bread and buns baked daily, along with lunch and coffee options, and lasagna with homemade sauce. You can even take home dinner with a freshly frozen lasagna sized for the whole family.

Don’t hesitate to try out Napanee’s newest bakery, you may just find your next favourite dessert right here.


Ellena’s Cafe & Pantry

16 Dundas Street East, Napanee

Nestled in the heart of downtown Napanee, Ellena’s Cafe & Pantry has earned its reputation as one of the town’s favourite shops. Flowing with an eclectic range of unique kitchen accessories and pantry items, this gem of a store has something for everyone. But what truly sets it apart is the selection of small-batch, handmade cafe items that will keep you coming back for more.

Indulge in the delightful array of soups, sandwiches, and specials, expertly crafted to tantalise your taste buds. Let’s not forget about their mouthwatering baked goods – the handmade croissants are an absolute treat that should not be missed. Savouring one of these golden delights is a rare and unforgettable experience.

While here, you must also check out Ellena’s carefully curated selection of specialty alcohols. Between the one-of-a-kind craft beers and wines, you’re sure to find something here that won’t be on any other shelves.


The Keto Bakery

6 Dundas Street West, Napanee

Can you still enjoy sweets here and there while staying true to your diet? You sure can! The Keto Bakery is found right downtown Napanee with a supply of specialty baked goods, all made with an all natural sugar alternative and almond/coconut flour rather than traditional flour.

Along with the delicious baked goods you’ll also ind keto friendly meals, pantry items, and more. Whether you follow the Keto diet, are diabetic, or are just trying to lower your sugar intake, Napanees Keto Bakery is the place to be!


Much more to munch on in Lennox & Addington


These amazing Greater Napanee bakeries are just a few of the many more found within Lennox & Addington. Search our business directory for more great options where you can satisfy your sweet tooth.



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