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If you enjoy the outdoors, Lennox & Addington is a great place to be. There are many trails to hike or ride, and nearly countless lakes and rivers to explore.

Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ cottage on Beaver Lake. Most every day I could be found either in my Pop’s old fishing boat, or paddling along the shoreline in a canoe.

Fast forward twenty-plus years and, despite my childhood love of being out on the water, I rarely had the opportunity to do so. Life is busy and time flies.

It wasn’t until a friend encouraged me to take a ‘test drive’ in her kayak a couple years back that I remembered how much fun it was to be on the water. You see nature from an unspoiled perspective that you don’t get by standing on shore.

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After my reintroduction, I purchased my own kayak within the week. Since then I have explored many lakes and rivers here in L&A, all within an hour of my front door. Below are a few of my favourite water destinations.

Being from Napanee, I paddle the Napanee River regularly. I typically launch from the east end of King Street and make my way to Mink’s Bridge in Stone Mills Township. You can go all the way to Strathcona and beyond if you’re up for the challenge.


The Salmon River is another great option. I launch in Roblin, and after only a few minutes you’d swear you’re deep into undisturbed wilderness. The sounds of vehicle traffic along County Road 41 quickly disappear and are replaced by the soothing calls of various birds and the pounding of a woodpecker’s beak.


Little Mellon Lake is definitely my favourite spot to go. One of my duties at L&A County is that I manage the Dark Sky Viewing Area north of Erinsville. When we host events at the site I always leave a little early with my kayak in tow so I can partake in an early evening paddle on nearby Little Mellon. Part of the Sheffield Conservation Area, the views are spectacular, and if you don’t spot any wildlife during your visit you’re not looking hard enough.


Many other L&A County paddling destinations are available on our Paddle Routes page. If you have a favourite spot please let us know and we’ll happily add it to our list.


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