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Agriculture is at the heart of Lennox & Addington County. And we invite you to come and explore.

Dive into the region's farming traditions, learn about sustainable practices from local farmers, and bring home fresh products straight from the farms themselves. You’ll also get the chance to understand and respect the hard work that goes into the food you enjoy, all while surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Stop in for a Visit

Ever wondered what it would be like to live or work on a farm but don’t want to get up with the roosters? We’ve got you covered in L&A! Stop by and meet a goat, a sheep or an alpaca, learn about beekeeping or relax in a vineyard – there’s all this and more here.

How to Start Exploring

Lennox & Addington County offers a range of agritourism experiences catering to every type of explorer. Whether you’re interested in farms, orchards, breweries, or more, you’ll find it here.

The farms in Lennox & Addington County eagerly await curious visitors and extend a warm welcome to all. The best part is, there’s no need for appointments!

Just keep an eye out for the Naturally L&A Farm Experiences logo or the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) logo at the end of the laneway. Spotting these logos means you’re in for an exciting adventure where you can ask questions, learn and fully immerse yourself in the rich agricultural heritage of Lennox & Addington.

Check out the suggestions below to find the perfect match that suits your interests.

farms in Lennox & Addington
acres of farmland in Lennox & Addington
Featured Experience
Sheep away the day at Topsy Farms
To get to this fun and active farm take the ferry to Amherst Island, which is in Lake Ontario. Once at the farm, you can visit the animals, go for a hike, take in an event or even attend a workshop.
Featured Experience
Craft beers are always on tap at MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.
Bound by brotherhood, brewed by tradition is the slogan these two brothers have adapted and it suits this thriving brewery perfectly. Get a peek behind the scenes, see the hops and barley fields and sample some fine brews.

Cultivate Connections with Local Farmers

Fieldside conversations give you the chance to gain a firsthand understanding of where your food comes from, creating a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into it. Engage with local farmers to learn about sustainable farming practices, hear firsthand stories and gain a unique perspective on rural life. You’ll leave with a deeper sense of connection to the land and its rich agricultural heritage.

Photo credits: Farm & Food Care SK

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Farm Fresh Produce & Products in L&A

When you choose to support local producers, you directly contribute to the vitality of our community and its economy.

By purchasing honey from local beekeepers, you not only enjoy a sweet and unique flavour but also help protect and preserve the crucial role of bees in pollination. Opting for locally sourced meats and cheeses ensures that you savour the exceptional quality and taste that comes from animals raised in the region’s fertile pastures. And this is all just for starters. You can also find local produce and handmade items that are locally-sourced (think soaps, oils, etc.).

All this, plus you’ll forge a connection with the dedicated farmers and artisans who pour their passion into every item.

Photo credits: Farm & Food Care SK


Farming Impacts the Region’s Economy

Farming in Ontario has a huge impact on the economy, contributing significantly to job creation and supporting business growth.

Conventional farming not only provides food for local consumption, it also generates revenue by exporting agricultural products to other regions. This not only strengthens Ontario’s economy, but also bolsters the agricultural industry, as well.

While some farmers enthusiastically welcome visitors as an opportunity to share their knowledge and passion, it’s important to understand that not all farms can accommodate visitors due to various factors, such as safety concerns or operational limitations.

However, don’t let this discourage you from appreciating the significance of farming as a lifestyle. It embodies a deep connection to the land and commitment to nurturing it for future generations, involving long hours and hard work, and immense dedication.

By supporting Ontario’s farming sector, whether through purchasing local products or gaining a better understanding of the industry’s impact, you can help contribute to the vitality of our economy and help sustain a way of life deeply rooted in the land.

Photo credits: Farm & Food Care SK

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