Facebook Content Strategies for Your Business


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Are you are struggling to find engaging content for your Facebook business page? Check out these helpful tips!

  1. Organization:
    –> Our ideas don’t always come to us when we want them to. Setting up an easily accessible word document or note pad either on your mobile device or computer can help you stay organized when those big (or small) ideas come to you. This way when you are making dinner, at a dentist appointment, or taking a coffee break there is a place that can be easily accessed to write your ideas down.

    –> Create a folder on your desktop or in your photo album on your mobile device that can be designated for photos that you can use for content. This way when you take a picture or come across a picture that is perfect for your content you can designate it directly to that folder. You may not have time to post photos you take immediately, so this is a great way for you to keep them organized in a folder that can be accessed at a later time.

    ideas.jpeg–> Set a goal as to how many posts you’d like to publish each week/month. Staying on top of your goal will directly impact the engagement on your business Facebook page. If you forget to post or go days, weeks, months without posting you will lose your audience. People will stop engaging with your page if there is no ‘fresh’ content on it. Create a reminder in your calendar that notifies you when you need to make a post OR better yet pre-schedule posts to publish using the “schedule” option on Facebook. Designate time that works for you to prepare posts that can be scheduled over a certain time period. The schedule option is a great tool to use to stay organized and ensure there is always new content on your page.

  2. Content:
    –> Thinking of relevant content for your Facebook business page isn’t always easy. Here are a few ideas to help get you in the mindset: Updates on your business, new products, product tips, special sales/offers, behind the scenes photos, how to’s, recipes, the ways your products/services can be used, regular or monthly features, “discount of the week”.–> Avoid length posts. Short and sweet is best. Make your posts simple, informal and fun. It becomes more of a personal experience rather then just using your business page as a promotional outlet.

    content-3679757_960_720.png–> Focus on engaging your audience. Ask questions, offer polls that engage your audience to respond

    –> Celebrate milestones. Not just your grand opening and anniversaries, but Facebook milestones as well. When you hit 100, 200, 500, 1000+ likes, share the news with your audience. It makes people feel like they’re part of a growing community.

    –> Share third-party content that is relatable to your business. Example: industry news, blogs and articles. These can easily be bookmarked which makes them readily available when it comes time to post to your page.

  3. Other Tips:
    –> Always link back to your website. By linking the majority of your posts back to your website, it boosts your websites search engine rankings and increases your potential visibility with prospective customers. And don’t forget to have a link from your website to your Facebook business page, as well as any other Social Media outlets you may use for your business.–> Use multiple forms of content, from posts, photos, videos, contests, polls and articles. Diversifying your content keeps your audience guessing and engaged in your business. If you’re lacking content, use the archive and repurpose an old post and give it a new twist.

    –> Hand out business cards to your clients and encourage them to “Like” and “Follow” your Facebook business page.


Organization is: ”A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin


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