Scuba Diving

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Lennox & Addington is an underwater playground for divers.

This area is the final resting place of many schooners, tugs and steamers, which can be found close to the shoreline in Lake Ontario. 

Discover some of Ontario’s best freshwater diving, complete with many underwater wonders to explore in L&A.

Some interesting facts:

  • Divers can generally see 50 to 60 feet in front them 
  • Only a few degrees difference between surface and deep waters
Scuba Diving in L&A
Head to Amherst Island for great diving.

One of the most popular spots in L&A to see ship wrecks is on Amherst Island. One noteworthy ship to explore is the Comet, which sunk off the north-eastern tip of the Island near the Brothers Islands. An area south of the Island is known as Amherst Island Graveyard, for its many wrecks. Although not many of these once great ships are left intact, the Cornwall and the Maoleglen are the most recognizable ones to explore. Others are in various states of disarray, with large propellers, rudders and boilers still to be found.

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Ontario is considered the freshwater diving capital of the world.

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