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The rooster is calling

He thinks you might like to ride a horse, pet an alpaca or even feed a pig!

Organic, educational and fun for the whole family is what you get when you visit one of our local farms. And, as a bonus you’re also helping the agricultural industry thrive. So put on whichever shoes you don’t mind getting mucky and head to a farm, we have plenty to choose from in L&A all offering a unique and fun experience.

We also have a variety of farms producing everything from ethically-raised meats to delicious cheese, eggs and more. Come taste the difference.

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See the sheep, take in a workshop or event! Get dirty, leave happy, stay cozy on this Canadian family farm.

Ever wanted to meet an alpaca? This is your chance to pet and perhaps even feed one. Plus, you might encounter the odd chicken, goat, pig or horse as well.

Not only is this beautiful ranch home to horses, goats, alpacas and other farm animals it also is committed to finding a forever home to horses in need. Saddle up and go for a ride.

From barn to yarn! Learn the steps that alpaca fibre takes from the animal to the wheel to the amazing handspun yarn in one of their classes.

All of the animals here are hand-raised ethically and produced in small batches which produces a superior meat product. They are raised in a stress-free environment with no hormones or antibiotics.

Stop in and meet the herd or even adopt an alpaca. Cathy, the owner will show you how enchanting these animals are.

Book a farm tour and snuggle a goat, meet a donkey and learn about chickens at this fun and interactive farm. The farm stand has lots of yummy things to take home like fresh eggs, caramel sauce, veggies and more. 

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