The Hive & Hearthstone

The Sugar Fairies are hard at work

The Hive & Hearthstone is a small apiary and wood-fired ‘breadery’ (yes, they have made breadery a word), offering fresh honey, artisan bread and an array of fresh in-season produce. But, once you visit you realize that this amazing little spot is so much more than just that.

Owned by an outgoing and welcoming Newfoundlander, this charming apiary welcomes with personality and the most ooey-gooey delicious honey you’ve ever tasted. The honey bees are affectionately referred to as The Sugar Fairies and they are lovingly cared for. The honey that’s produced is sold raw and unpasteurized to keep all the goodness intact.

Stop in for:

  • Fresh honey
  • Artisan bread
  • In-season and locally sourced produce
  • Artisan bread classes
Worker bees lifetime of work yields only 1 teaspoon of honey
Weeks is the average lifespan of a worker bee in the summer

Fun Facts

  • Raw and unpasteurized honey keeps all the goodness in, adding to the already great health benefits
  • Honey is a wonder food – high in antioxidants, linked to better heart health. Plus, it has antibacterial, antiviral, and probiotic properties and is one of the only foods that never spoils. You can stockpile honey to your heart’s content
  • They only sell honey made from their own honeybees


Location and more details:

225 South Shore Rd.
Greater Napanee

Tel: 613.583.5854


The Sugar Shed

Take home something yummy
Presently they are working on opening a larger retail space on site but until it’s ready, you can buy honey at the Sugar Shed, located at the end of the laneway. You can also find their honey at Tabersnack, Crimson Cider Company and Saylor House Café.

Accommodations close by

Bee comfy, bee happy and stay
There are a lot of great accommodations options nearby, so plan a day visiting many of the nearby farms that open their doors to welcome visitors. And, you know farming is hard work, so be prepared to be exhausted at the end of the day. But, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.
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