September 28, 2024
Event Time: 9-10am
Cost: Free
Type of Event: For Adults, Online Event

In recognition of the National Day of British Home Children, volunteer and BHC descendant, Shannon McKnight, will be hosting a Zoom talk sharing a story of British Home Children in Ontario and the personal genealogical quest that she has been on.

Shannon is a life long lover of history and nature. She became interested in family history with her father, discovering that her great grandmother was a (British) Home Child and became obsessed with finding out her story. Shannon loves learning about things from her past and how we can teach others about our ancestors, the lives they lived and the things they encountered. Shannon comes from a line of story tellers, farmers and fighters for equality.

Please join in us in sharing some of the stories of our past.

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Online talk in recognition of National British Home Child Day
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