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Business and education thrive in L&A

Nestled within Lennox & Addington County is a dynamic talent pool, brimming with diverse skills and expertise, ready to drive your business towards success. Our strategic location also places us within easy reach of numerous post-secondary institutions in Kingston, Belleville, Toronto and Ottawa. This proximity opens doors for businesses to tap into fresh talent, emerging innovations and the latest industry trends.

Mobilize a Team in L&A

Assemble a dedicated workforce with the right skills and a shared commitment to drive your business forward.

Educated Labour Force

Over 92 per cent of adults living in L&A have at least a high school education.

Proximity to Leading Institutions

Benefit from close proximity to renowned post-secondary institutions, providing your businesses with access to a continuous stream of fresh talent.

Skilled Workforce

L&A boasts a skilled and adaptable workforce, equipped with the expertise needed to thrive in various industries.

Work-Life Balance

L&A’s emphasis on work-life balance ensures that employees are engaged, motivated and ready to contribute their best to your business.


Workforce is adaptable and open to learning, making employees valuable assets for businesses looking to evolve with changing market dynamics.

Diverse Skill Sets

L&A’s talent pool offers diverse skill sets, making it easier for businesses to find individuals with the specific skills required for their operations.

Here’s What’s Intriguing About L&A


Most Popular Field of Study


Enrolled full and part-time students within a three-hour drive of L&A in 2023


Percentage of international students motivated to pursue permanent residency immediately after they graduate


Percentage of adults living in L&A with at least a high school education


Students enrolled in post-secondary education in 2023 in Ontario

Obtaining Permanent Residency

No. 1 goal after graduation for international students


Number of post-secondary schools within a 2.5 hour drive of L&A

Post-Secondary Institutions

L&A enjoys proximity to many world-class post-secondary institutions in nearby cities,
offering your business access to a rich pool of talent and cutting-edge research.

Queen’s University

A prestigious and historic university in Kingston, Ontario, known for its strong research focus and vibrant student life.

St. Lawrence College

Located in Ontario, St. Lawrence College offers a range of career-oriented programs and courses, emphasizing experiential learning.

Royal Military College

Canada’s military college in Kingston, Ontario, providing a combination of military training and higher education.

Loyalist College

A dynamic and career-oriented college in Belleville, Ontario, offering a wide range of diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship programs.


Some of the Country’s most respected areas of study is close to Lennox & Addington.

Did you know?

  • Smith School of Business – The Financial Times has ranked the Full-Time MBA at Smith School of Business in the top 75 in its annual ranking of global MBA programs, including No. 1 in Canada for overall satisfaction with the program. 
  • Loyalist College is recognized as one of Canada’s Top 50 research colleges and stands at no. 4 in Canada for Research Income Growth
  • St. Lawrence College has a strong reputation for its supportive learning environment and close connections to industry, allowing students to gain valuable work experience and opportunities for career advancement.
  • The Royal Military College of Canada is recognized nationally and internationally as a military university of academic excellence. RMC delivers education of the highest quality at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and in specialized professional development.

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