Key Industries and Sectors

Unlock your business potential in Lennox & Addington’s diverse economy

Thrive in L&A

Lennox & Addington is an emerging growth area for business opportunity.

Combining advanced manufacturing, electric vehicle technology, and creative industries, Lennox and Addington is an ideal destination for businesses aiming to grow and innovate in a diverse and supportive environment.

EV Battery and Supply Chain

Umicore’s battery materials plant in Loyalist Township is a groundbreaking venture in Canada’s EV sector. This facility is pivotal in enhancing the domestic EV supply chain in Canada and Ontario, utilizing locally-sourced critical minerals such as nickel, lithium and cobalt. This not only integrates Northern Ontario’s mineral resources into the southern EV manufacturing but also ensures near carbon-neutral production from the outset, thanks to Ontario’s clean energy infrastructure.


Over 92 per cent of adults living in L&A have at least a high school education.

Understanding Local Industry Through Data

Let numbers guide you towards informed decision-making as you plan and grow your business.

Why Businesses Thrive in L&A

Lower Cost of Living
A more economical lifestyle for business owners and employees, with commercial real estate and living expenses lower than in nearby major cities.
Central Location
Lennox & Addington’s prime location on the 401 corridor between Montreal and Toronto puts your business close to one-third of North America’s population.
More Value for Your Money
Here, your investment stretches further. You’ll get more value for every dollar spent, from property to production.
A Better Way of Life
Here, life moves at a quieter rhythm, communities are more interconnected and a balance between professional and personal life is easily attainable.
Extensive Business Support
We’re dedicated to your success in Lennox & Addington. We offer free, confidential guidance, key resource connections like loans and grants and essential tools and training for your business’s growth and success in our supportive community.
Access to Talent
Lennox & Addington’s well-educated workforce – the second largest labour pool in Eastern Ontario – is rich in talent, offering businesses a diverse range of skills and expertise essential for growth.


Access Talent and Research

Let our team assist you in navigating talent for your organization.
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