Naturally L&A Ambassador Program

Let's Work Together to Grow Lennox and Addington.

Successful communities are driven by people who are passionate and creative, who see an opportunity and go for it. Let’s build a movement, which takes your ideas, passions, creativity and experiences and builds a better Lennox and Addington.  By banding together, we can create an unstoppable team. 

This is an opportunity to share your great ideas for Lennox and Addington (you know, the ones that come to you in the shower!).  It could be a new business or a new tourist attraction or a new event or a new recreation activity or an undiscovered asset….  

We also want to understand how you can contribute to making it happen.  It will take a team.  

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit your ideas.

“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources of its people”
Dr Ernesto Sirolli


Need some inspiration? Meet some Naturally L&A Volunteers

Meet Mike Sewell

Mike Sewell loves the outdoors. He spends as much time as he can hiking or riding his mountain bike. When he’s not out on the trail, he’s building new trails for others to enjoy. He has worked tirelessly in the Lennox & Addington Forest in Flinton, helping create a series of new trails that community members and visitors can enjoy.

Meet Terence Dickinson

Terence Dickinson is a long-time resident of Lennox & Addington County and has had a life long passion for stargazing. He identified that there is a pocket of sky north of Erinsville that offers the most southerly dark sky viewing experience in Ontario and was instrumental in helping to create the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area. Since opening in 2012, the site has drawn thousands of stargazers and astrophotographers to our community, making Lennox & Addington one of the premiere locations for stargazing in Ontario.

Meet Joe Tisdale

Joe Tisdale and his wife Theresa are long-time geocachers that have travelled across North America on many geocaching adventures. In 2011 they wanted to share their passion for the game with others in our community, teaming up with Lennox and Addington County to host a large geocaching event. Ten years later, Lennox & Addington is now home to Canada’s largest annual geocaching event, bringing thousands of visitors to our county every year.

Meet Harley Cunningham

Harley Cunningham loves spending time out on the water. She saw an opportunity to operate a kayak & paddleboard rental business in Lennox & Addington so she could share her passion for watersports with others. She can often be found on the lakes and rivers of L&A County and would like to add even more paddling itineraries created for L&A so that others can experience her love of the water.

Meet Bill Jeffers

Bill Jeffers is passionate about the history of Irish Dry Stone Walls. A member of Dry Stone Canada, he became aware of Amherst Island’s high concentration of dry stone walls built by immigrants centuries ago. With his help, the Island and its historic walls have become an internationally-known destination. Having visited the island on a number of dry stone events, he fell in love with the community. He and his wife moved to the island in 2020 and he continues to restore and build walls for residents and visitors to enjoy.  

So... What's your BIG idea?

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