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In L&A you’re not alone

It takes passion, dedication and determination to be an entrepreneur but in L&A you don’t have to go it alone. Our Economic Development Department is invested in every one of our area businesses – from home-based to large manufacturing centres.

We offer free and confidential business coaching that provides a great way for entrepreneurs to find the business resources and tools they need to be successful.

Six reasons why you should start a business

In Lennox & Addington

Join hundreds of others who’ve built businesses here in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams. Wide-ranging business opportunities await you in Lennox & Addington County. Manufacturing, logistics & distribution and green businesses thrive here. Creative industries flourish and our artisan food & drink ventures continue to grow. Our natural tourism opportunities help keep our many retail boutiques, storefronts and restaurants bustling with activity. Read on to discover why L&A just makes good business sense.

#1 Extensive support for local business

Our Economic Development Office strives to stand out by providing amazing support for people starting, relocating, running or expanding a business. After all, it’s been proven that very few – if any – entrepreneur has the time, skill, or passion to be successful in every aspect of their business. Our Business Coaching service helps entrepreneurs realize that it’s okay to ask for help and let other professionals support them with the aspects of their business that they are not skilled at or may not be interested in or have time to do. We can help fill any gaps by finding the appropriate people and resources to help your business or idea succeed.

We can also assist with real estate searches, community statistics, as well as grant and financing opportunities. We connect businesses in finding research & development partners to support growth; this could apply innovative technologies to better streamline operations, while always trying to leverage funding to ease the cost burden on entrepreneurs. And, when you’re ready to retire or sell, we can help with that too.

We'll help you with funding, networking, and finding your ideal location.

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#2 Work where you live
Say goodbye to long commutes and traffic jams and hello to the life you’ve been craving – L&A really is the best of both worlds.

L&A offers the rural lifestyle you’re searching for without limitations. With today’s modern communications and fast shipping, do you really need to be in a city to access your markets? L&A’s central location (2-hours to Toronto and Ottawa, 3-hours to Montreal and 1-hour to the US border) makes it possible for you to stay connected – yet work where you prefer to live. Access the city when you need to; relax in the country the rest of the time, enjoying the success of your business.

Can you still call it work if you love it?

#3 Lower cost of operating

Imagine what you could do with more capital to invest back into your business.

Now that a big percentage of your income won’t be spent paying inflated city overhead, imagine what you could do for your business with all that extra cash. It’s not only cheaper to do business in Lennox & Addington than in a larger city centre, it’s cheaper to live here too.

Let’s look at some numbers:

Site Selection

If you have plans to relocate or expand your business you’ve come to the right place.

#4 Better housing - starting at $140K!

Think you can’t afford to buy? For a lot less than the city, you can find your perfect dream home in one of the rural communities of Lennox & Addington.

Take your next conference call on your new deck, overlooking the lake. There are also amazing opportunities to set up your business in a century old storefront, an old schoolhouse or a vintage farm home.

A lower mortgage payment means you can do more of the things you love.

#5 Community atmosphere

A strong sense of community can increase your well-being, yet many city-dwellers are isolated from their neighbours and fellow business owners.

In Lennox & Addington County, business owners take pride in being on a first name basis with their customers. Customers who are often also neighbours. We help and support each other, pulling together in daily life as well as times of crisis and celebration.

Whether you’re just starting your family or approaching retirement, families thrive in L&A.

#6 Nature at your doorstep

The great outdoors is just steps from your office in Lennox & Addington.

Lakes and rivers, beaches, parks and trails provide the perfect backdrop for your epic adventures and getting outside and enjoying Mother Nature is great physically and mentally. After a busy day running your business, head outside to go boating, hiking, fishing or cycling… the list goes on.

It’s all here in abundance in L&A.

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