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Welcome to Lennox and Addington, where your business' growth and success are at the forefront of a dynamic and expanding region. Here, you'll find a unique blend of resources, strategic locations and a welcoming business environment tailored to your needs. It's more than just a place to operate. It's a community ready to support and collaborate with you, ensuring your success and growth. Whether you're scaling up, starting fresh, or relocating, Lennox and Addington is brimming with opportunities, perfectly positioned to nurture your ambitions and drive your business into a thriving future.

A Breakdown of Lennox & Addington County

A collection of unique communities with a welcoming spirit, each brimming with opportunities for growth.

Greater Napanee

Population - 16,600

With its thriving downtown and supportive business environment, this is an ideal location for entrepreneurs looking to tap into a growing market and community spirit.

Loyalist Township

Population - 18,000

The future home of Umicore presents a unique opportunity for businesses in technology and manufacturing, set in a location with strategic access to major markets.

Stone Mills

Population - 8,000

A promising ground for businesses seeking a blend of agricultural potential and a serene, yet connected, lifestyle.

Addington Highlands

Population - 2,400

Known for its vast natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, Addington Highlands is an ideal backdrop for businesses in tourism, hospitality and adventure-based industries.

Key Industries
and Sectors

In Lennox & Addington, a unique blend of advanced manufacturing, logistics, innovative cleantech and thriving creative industries come together. Here, you’ll find an economic ecosystem that’s not only diverse but also abundant with opportunities.

Talent and

Discover a workforce distinguished by its highly educated, skilled and dedicated professionals, a valuable asset for businesses like yours that are seeking excellence and innovation.

Why Businesses Thrive in L&A

Lower Cost of Living

A more economical lifestyle for business owners and employees, with commercial real estate and living expenses lower than in nearby major cities.

Central Location

Lennox & Addington’s prime location on the 401 corridor between Montreal and Toronto puts your business close to one-third of North America’s population.

More Value for Your Money

Here, your investment stretches further. You’ll get more value for every dollar spent, from property to production.

A Better Way of Life

Here, life moves at a quieter rhythm, communities are more interconnected and a balance between professional and personal life is easily attainable.

Extensive Business Support

We’re dedicated to your success in Lennox & Addington. We offer free, confidential guidance, key resource connections like loans and grants and essential tools and training for your business’s growth and success in our supportive community.

Access to Talent

Lennox & Addington’s well-educated workforce – the second largest labour pool in Eastern Ontario – is rich in talent, offering businesses a diverse range of skills and expertise essential for growth.

Ever Dreamed of Starting a Business?

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a successful business owner.

Small Business

In Lennox & Addington County, small businesses thrive
with the backing of a supportive community and plenty
of chances to grow and succeed.

Events and Webinars

Connect with like-minded professionals, gain new insights and open doors to learning and collaboration opportunities.

By the Numbers


Population within 30-45

1/ 3

Percentage of North America that L&A is within close proximity to Naturally L&A.

0 M

Number of people in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor.


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