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It's more casual here...

Formally, people know us as the County of Lennox and Addington, but call us Naturally L&A, or L&A for short. We love to keep it casual...and humble. You're amongst friends here.

L&A is combination of rural towns, hamlets and villages but we are more than just a place to live, work or visit. L&A is a lifestyle, it’s the chance to live a simpler life. It’s the feeling you get from baked bread on a cold day or when you look at a clear lake and you can see the natural treasures below. But, we can also be a no foam blonde latte with soymilk and a touch of vanilla syrup too. Because, even though L&A is a place that values simplicity we also quietly embrace modern comforts. 

We steer clear of fancy words or “corporate speak”, and if we’re using trendy lingo, we are most likely poking a little fun at it.

How We Communicate

Wherever possible, we love to show off our expressive brand character.

You might say we’re just like the city in so many ways. We’re happy to make the comparison.

We have high rises too!

Look up and enjoy the view. #unspoiledLA #lennoxaddington #exploreontario

We offer star performances too!

This is our best theatre. Our stars and stages are a little bigger that the city. #unspoiledLA #lennoxaddington #exploreontario

Traffic jams. We have them too.

Naturally L&A. Clear roads and nature all around us. #unspoiledLA #lennoxaddington #exploreontario

Other times, we have to be a little more informative.

Where necessary, we’re happy to communicate the facts as well.

Only 3 hrs from Toronto, 1 hr from Kingston and 2 hrs from Ottawa, #unspoiledLA showcases wonderful countryside and beautiful lakes that force you to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here’s what the small communities of Tamworth and Erinsville offer travellers who can’t wait to disconnect. #staycation #lakeontario #naturelover #beinspired 

Our idea of getting together with friends might be a bit different than what you’re used to! There are plenty of amazing outdoor things to do, right here in South Eastern Ontario. #unspoiledLA #lennoxaddington #exploreontario #discoverontario #ontario #travel #ontariotravel #toronto #ottawa

Sometimes we are informative and expressive at the same time.

Consider being both fun and serious at the same time.

Informative vs. Expressive

You probably noticed from the above examples that we can be both informative and expressive. That’s because in L&A we have two very distinct voices, let’s take a closer look at what they mean.

Our informative voice simply put means helpful, because sometimes you want to know and go. We use this type of language to deliver the information quickly and succinctly. This is the body copy on our website, the info in our blogs or informative social media posts. Informative doesn’t mean unfriendly, it just means unembellished.


Expressive copy is where we get to show off our brand personality and we use this sparingly to preserve its punch. This is our chance to be witty or whimsical, but in a smart way. It’s fresh, uplifting and clever and is always relevant to our offerings without being silly or childish. We especially shine when we poke fun about city life vs. what life is like in L&A with its more rural and back-to-nature vibe. If this copy makes someone smile or feel good, we’ve done our job.

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Expressive Content
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Our Brand Shines with Personality

Our tone and voice is always:

Authentic: You could describe us as ‘the salt of the earth’. Because, what you see is what you get. There is no fancy talk, no putting on airs. We are a jeans and sneakers kind of place and we’re proud of it.

Honest: Although we can be cheeky, we are always true to who we are. We never over-promise. Our offerings aren’t flashy or man-made. They’re gifts from Mother Nature – not embellished, not commercialized and our copy always reflects this.

Helpful: Here’s where we shine. Even if we’ve never met, we’re going to do whatever we can to make sure you have what you need. In fact if you’re looking to move here or start a business here, we’ll even take you on a tour. That’s just our way. Our copy is easy to understand and straight to the point.

Calm: Maybe it’s the night sky with a zillion stars shining bright or the endless lakes and rivers but there is a calmness to L&A. We are an escape from the hustle and bustle, yet, you’ll never be bored. We reflect this in our voice, we don’t over-embellish or hype things up.

Friendly:  To some, friendly may mean saying hello as you pass by or holding open a door. But, to us it’s more than that, it’s treating you like family or a long-time friend. We make an extra effort to connect with business owners, tourists and residents. And this shows in the way we craft our copy. It’s conversational and real.

We are never:

Overpromising or Fake: We tell it like it is. And, why wouldn’t we? Mother Nature has truly blessed us here in L&A. Our job is to invite people to come join us and let them know what’s here.

Salesy: No hard sale or aggressive tactics here. We are humble. This is a no-pressure zone where people come to relax and get back to nature.

Formal: Whether you are a CEO of a big company, a farmer looking to expand in the area or a one-time tourist, we’re going to talk to you the exact same way – like a friend.

Closed off or unapproachable: We are casual. Our language should be simple. We are here to help and if we can’t we’re going to point you in the right direction. That’s just our way.

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L&A is a place to relax and just do you

For outside promoters, travel trade media and bloggers we have photography and video available for use. Please reach out if there is something specific you need.

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