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By Christopher Rudder, Road Trip Ontario

If you’re looking for blue skies, endless nature, and pristine lakes, then a road trip to Ontario’s Lennox and Addington County is what you need.

Life in L&A County is a little more relaxed than other places in Canada – specifically the big cities. So much so that time doesn’t seem to affect you here; you can still see the night sky as it was 100 years ago. There is so much charm in the small towns of Lennox & Addington Ontario.

This itinerary will help guide your journey through the boutique towns of Lennox and Addington County.


Where is Lennox and Addington County, Ontario?

Lennox & Addington County is located in Southeastern Ontario, just 2 hours outside of Toronto & Ottawa and 3 hours away from Montreal. It stretches from Amherst Island in Lake Ontario to Lower Madawaska River Provincial Park with highway 41 along the county’s spine.


Getting There

It’s pretty easy to get to Lennox & Addington county from major cities in Canada. If you’re travelling from Toronto, follow Highway 401, heading East towards Montreal for approximately 230 kilometres. 


History of Lennox & Addington County

First up, let’s discuss the name of the district. Lennox & Addington were separate territories until 1860. Lennox was named after the 3rd Duke of Richmond, Charles Lennox. Addington was named after Henry Addington, 1st Viscount SidmouthThe County of Lennox & Addington has changed a lot since its establishment in the sixteen hundreds, but you can see evidence of the past everywhere you look. Dry stone walls cover parts of the County and most of Amherst Island. They date back to the Irish migrants from Ards Peninsula (now Northern Ireland). 


Day 1: Begin Your Road Trip in Greater Napanee

You will need a full day to experience some of the activities and attractions on this itinerary. So arriving at Lennox & Addington in the afternoon before you settled so you can start the next day refreshed.

See our detailed post on Things to do in Napanee here.


Town of Greater Napanee 

After driving in the morning from Toronto, we arrived in Greater Napanee, Canada, just in time for a delicious homemade lunch at Ellena’s Café


The recommended dinner spot is the Loaf ‘N Ale, followed by a walk along the Springside Park Trail. Start the trail at the peaceful, cascading Napanee Falls, along the Napanee River, finishing in the Napanee Conservation Park.

Some other noteworthy places to see in Greater Napanee:

  • Starlet (Shopping)(Pictured)
  • Lansing Gifts & Gallery (Shopping) 
  • Dead Leaf Distinguished Gentlemen (barbershop & bar)
  • Coffee Cravings
  • L&A County Museum



Head East to Stone Mills Township


Stone Mills is  borders Greater Napanee and his home to many unique villages and hamlets. We recommend Clarkeland Farms in Newburgh for a fantastic place to stay for the night. We were in apartment number 1856 – the Limestone House and the place was lovely and clean.



Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread at Abrams Bakery, and while you’re there, we recommend grabbing a variety of delicious treats – fresh bagels, maple squares and lemon squares. Then, head over to Newburgh Conservation Park and enjoy.



If you’re a fan of antiques (buying, selling and trading), then make a stop at Hawkvale Antiques and Old Stuff in Strathcona, Lennox & Addington. Hawkvale Antiques is owned by a lovely couple, Pam and her husband. Over the years they have amassed quite a collection of interesting items.


Day 2: Explore Loyalist Township & the Loyalist Parkway

From Newburgh, head south to some charming communities in Loyalist Township.


The charming small town is not far from Greater Napanee. The highlight of this town is the Wilton Cheese factory. It is the oldest establishment in the town and has been around since 1867.


While on your road trip, stop in Odessa to visit the Babcock Mill. This mill was built in 1856 and used back in the 1900s. Then head to Jiffy’s Grill for some tasty lunch. 



There are many things to do in Bath on your road trip. Try Books on Main for some old books, artisan coffee The Lodge Coffee House and head over to Lakeside Studio Gallery and view/purchase so amazing art from local artists.

Other attractions in Bath include:

  • MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company (pictured below)
  • Fairfield-Gutzeit House
  • J & P’s Family Restaurant (this is where we had dinner)

See a detailed itinerary of things to do in Bath here. 

Continue west along the Loyalist Parkway.



You would never believe it if you didn’t see it for yourself. Pass by the Loyalist Trading Company on Conway to see the Nubian Goats they have living on the roof of their store. 





Have a grape experience at 33 Vines winery and on to Bergeron Estate Winery & Cider Co. for a wine tasting and pizza lunch. Then spend some time lounging in the sun at UEL Heritage Park Centre and Park.


Old Hay Bay Church was the highlight of this day. It is an old wooden church and is the oldest surviving Methodist building in Canada. Other noteworthy religious sites in Adolphustown include Saint Alban The Martyr Anglican Church.


Loop back toward the Town of Greater Napanee, stopping to visit the family-owned fibre farm Hickory Lane Alpacas to spend time with fluffy Alpacas. Then do some shopping at Hive and Hearthstone where you can buy hand-harvested Canadian honey. 


Finish your day at the Royal Coachman, which is where we had a delicious meal for dinner. Omas Hideaway is a vacation rental in a private home in Greater Napanee which is in a perfect location for this road trip. 

Day 3 & 4: Head North to Addington Highlands

As you head north, there are many quaint communities along Highway 41 where you can stop for snacks and find some locally produced gifts.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Arrive at Bon Echo Provincial Park and enjoy a fun-filled time spent exploring the endless pine forest and many lakes. Grab a canoe and head out on one of the many paddle-friendly routes around the park. We stayed at the Mazinaw Residence Inn for the final evening of our road trip.


Take a Drive to Lennox & Addington County Today

Lennox and Addington County is the perfect break from the city that you need. It has everything from sunshine to shopping and more. You will not regret a single minute of your trip if you go to any of the places mentioned in this itinerary. 


For more information on things to do and attractions in Lennox and Addington County, visit Naturally L&A.


Originally posted August 2021.


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